Creating Newsletter Forms That Convert

Creating Newsletter Forms That Convert

One of the best methods to start expanding your email list is to see what other leading websites have been doing and use it as a catalyst for your own website. Here are some ways to assist you with doing just that!

Techniques that make a great signup form

  • Offer an incentive – give potential subscribers instant value by offering an incentive for signing up, examples being exclusive content and voucher codes.
  • Tell subscribers how often they’ll be receiving emails and what they’ll get – due to email spam, users are cautious of inputting their email address. Alleviate these fears by letting people know exactly what type of emails you will be sending and how often they will be recurring.
  • Match your content to your forms – whenever possible, create forms that are tailored to the page or website the user is currently reading.
  • Keep it simple (K.I.S.S.) – for newsletter forms, the shorter the better, keep it to a maximum of one or two fields.
  • Make it social proof – by displaying the amount of current subscribers you have, you are able to show the value of your newsletter to potential subscribers.
  • Clear Call To Actions (CTA) – avoid using common CTAs like “Send”. It is better to use your own CTA in order to incentivise the benefit the subscriber is receiving.

Signup Forms for jobs websites

Here are some effective ways to have your signup form be successful for a jobs related website:

  • A simple design – with only a couple of fields, the form will only take a few moments to complete.
  • Eye-catching but unobtrusive – using a notification bar instead of a popup makes the form variably unobtrusive, by having a stick position towards the bottom of the page will also make it unavoidable to miss.
  • Customizable frequency – allow a subscriber to control exactly how often they will get newsletter emails with the use of a drop-down.
  • Personalized forms – a good idea would be to have a personalized form for each specific job category.

Signup Forms for Blogs

Here are a few ways to have a successful newsletter signup for tailored towards blogs:

  • Two-step opt-in – users first will need to click the subscribe button, then another modal popup can appear with the form itself. This method uses the Zeigarnik effect to boost conversions.
  • Social-proof – by having a small segment displaying your amount of subscribers, such as “10,000 others have subscribed” gives a good incentive for the potential subscriber and makes it social-proof.
  • Clear benefits – by giving subscribers “exclusive content” will let them know they are getting something special than just any regular blog.

Signup Forms for eCommerce Websites

Below are some ways to create an effective newsletter signup form for an eCommerce website:

  • Impactful CTA button – instead of using something generic like “subscribe”, you could use something like “Get 15% Off” to give subscribers an extra incentive to sign up.
  • A negative opt-out – by giving the user an impactful CTA button, you could do the opposite for the closing button by providing a CTA they could say “I Don’t Way 15% Off”. This can also boost conversions due to incentivising the user to go for the offer and sign up.

These are some effective ways to have signup forms convert for each type of website. There are many more ways out there that can increase conversions. Having a straightforward signup form for your newsletter is the best way forward, the more subscribers, the more successful your newsletter is. This can even result in giving prizes and competitions in future too, which will further incentivise future subscribers too!