Creative Blog Ideas

Writers mostly have many ideas for blogs as opposed to too few ideas. This, however, presents a huge problem of choosing the best idea to write on among the ocean of ideas which you have. Liverpool web design advises bloggers to refrain from trying to find the perfect idea on which to write and pick any that is satisfactory.

Liverpool web design, however, decided to come up with a few ideas that could help our audience plan and have a head start regarding ideas to write about

Blog ideas we could write about

Creative ways of using certain products

This may be directly from reviews of how people have used your products and shared with you as feedback or other ways which you feel the product can be used to benefit a group of people.

Writing about your scars

These scars could be physical or emotional, good writers do not hide their scars and insecurities but instead glorify them. Write a story whether true or fictional about your wounds and how you got over them.

Interview your reader

Have a chat with some of your readers, they may have insight into how they view our blog and what they would expect you to write in future to improve your service and satisfy your clientele.

Your greatest fears

Liverpool web design found that it might be an interesting topic to share with your readers what things scare you in life, or other things that you are not afraid of anymore and how you got over those fears.

Bucket list

These include all the things that you would like to do before you die. The list is different for different people each intrigued by different experiences and destinations of the world.

Long term and short term goals

This is the achievement that you set for yourself expecting to achieve them within a specific timeline. These goals often give a sense of focus and are a really good way of fueling someone’s ambition and productivity.


These might be in the form of people who inspire and make you want to be a better person or specific books which have an inspired touch to your life. The writer should as well elaborate the reasons as to why these things inspire him/her.

Passions of your life

Liverpool web design discovered that the best articles are written by people who are incredibly passionate about what they are writing about. These might be things that excite you as a person or those which genuinely anger you and why you feel that way toward them.


This could be advice on a specific issue most likely to readers who are less experienced compared to you, or advice that you were given by someone sometime before which has stuck on you and you feel like sharing with your readers.


These are certain specific beliefs or conducts inherited within a society or group of people highlighting their significance and origin. Liverpool web design learned that most people like adventures and learning about new cultures and traditions which would make it a quite popular subject to write about.

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