Where is cryptocurrency heading in 2019?

Bitcoin is among the cryptocurrencies that are still recovering. It has not managed to the $4,000 break over but it’s headed the to the $3,000 mark. This digital currency went below the psychological levels of $5000 and $6000. This currency has had a rough time between 2017 and 2018. The frenzy came to end when it failed to recover as expected and only got worse. With BTC below $4000, it’s not clear when it’s going to rise above this.

Experts and Warrington web designers have given their opinions about the current bear market. Based on what has been happening in this market, most of them are not sure when the problem is going to end. The stability of Bitcoin is definitely going to take along. But where is cryptocurrency heading in 2019?

Joel Kruger from LMAX exchange says:

2019 will be more constructive for Bitcoin more than what experts had projected. There have many holes regulations, hard folks and developments that have affected the market leading to a major fall of the digital currency. However, no matter how bad it looks for now, almost at $2000, there will be renewed demand, which will lead to the final push to the top.

Bitcoin is only ten years old and therefore not mature enough to a reliable store of value asset. It is a risky market, but full of potential. In 2019, the currency is likely to remain weak for the first half of the year and get back with an impressive second wave in the cryptocurrency marketing.

Kevin Murcko, the CEO of CoinMetro says:

Bitcoin is used in limited ways. But, this digital currency will still be the leader in the digital currency world in 2019. It has an excellent reputation and liquidity that make it the preferable digital currency. According to Murcko, Bitcoin will be driven by a lot of financial speculation.

If Bitcoin survives this huge crash, it will remain strong in the coming years. Just like eBay and Amazon, among the many cryptos that have failed. A small percentage will make a big come back, which will translate into huge success.

Mitch Blakeway from Quantatex:

According to Mitch Blakeway, 2019 is expected to bring change in the cryptocurrency market. It can go into either direction, but hopingly Bitcoin will manage to shrug off its recent weakness. It is possible for the current to go as high as $20,000 by December 2019. In 2019, it is also expected that SEC will authorise an ETF in Bitcoin. There will more adoption of specific currencies including Ripple (XRP) by banks and it will increase positivity on Bitcoin.

Even the Apple shares suffered during the dotcom boom. The cost failed from $4 to $1 and today it’s trading at $176. Fearing what is happening to Bitcoin now will hinder most people from enjoying significant gains in 2019.


Analysts, industry figures and enthusiasts, such as Warrington web designers, have different opinions regarding bitcoin. But a majority will still buy the coins hoping the price will rise later in 2019.