Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies & Ideas For Maximum Profit

Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies & Ideas For Maximum Profit

Cyber Monday marketing is a lot different from your usual marketing strategies. As a business, you’ll need to be the best to overtake and beat your competitors when it comes to the maximum profit. Our team at Blue Whale Media are used to starting their Cyber Monday Marketing very early on, but we can share our ideas and strategies with you to ensure customers shop with you. Here are our best tips for Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies:

Selling In Bundles

If you have products or services that are normally sold individually, why not try bundling them together as a package which can only be sold within a certain amount of time. This may bring a lot of incentives for customers who want to buy from you, plus it boosts the average value of your services. It boosts the average value of the order and also upsells customers to a higher price by a slight margin. Ensure that you are categorising and arranging products and also showcase seasonal offers, sets, and bundles.

Exclusive Offers

Come up with an irresistible offer that allows shoppers to believe that they are paying far less for something way more. It would be wise to run promotions and discounts for the short-term, including flash sales. The deals can last for the day or even an hour. The discounts and the service’s duration will create a sense of urgency among the shoppers, encouraging them to partake in impulse purchases.

Remain Open for Long

Even if the internet remains open 24/7, the support doesn’t. Keep your customer support available for longer periods since many customers choose to shop at a different time, especially during the day when the sales get hectic. Start changing your operating hours and tell your consumers about it via emails, the website, or through social media.

Influencer Collaboration

Nowadays, everybody is aware of the power that influencers have. These social influencers are one of the currencies of the present world. By collaborating with them, you get to garner more sales and build the trust and awareness of your brand. These influencers have a huge following, and they work to recommend and endorse your products. They also provide a discount code to their followers for bringing more engagement and sales.

Free Products & Shipping

Who doesn’t love freebies? The shoppers have spent money on themselves and their loved ones too. So, offering them a free product of shipping is a smart tactic on your part. To obtain these freebies, you can start setting a minimum order price or simply offer it to every buyer. It will help you clean up the stocks, highlight goods that didn’t sell well, and also cause customers to return.

Website Preparation

Black Friday will always bring in an excessive amount of traffic. So, you need to contact a team of London web designers to prep your website beforehand, so it doesn’t crash during the day of the sales. If your site begins to malfunction and crash, all of your customers will abandon their carts and your site, moving on to a new site to shop.

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