The Day In The Life Of Josh

Hi I’m Josh. I am the Digital Marketing Assistant here at Blue Whale Media and in this blog, you’re going to find out what I get up to on a day to day basis.

How I start my Mornings

My mornings start with a drive to the office which can be from 30 minutes to an hour so they can sometimes be eventfull. When I get to the office I sign in, have my breakfast and my morning coffee. I check my schedule to see what I have to do for the day and I get started.

Teamwork and Social Media

I mainly work alongside Eve our Marketing manager, in multiple different areas. I usually assist in creating content for social media and content for our Mailchimp’s. One of the main things I do for social media is writing the statues for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

This content includes creating posts when our blogs go live, then these go onto our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also create the graphics when a website goes live as well which is done in photoshop. The content then gets scheduled on Hootsuite with a short status about what the post is. I see what is trending and look for new ideas that we could use for our social media.

Course Work

I am currently doing my Level 2 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship here at Blue Whale. For my course work, I have to do multiple different projects relating to my work. I have created a project about Hootsuite, Facebook advertising, Creating a Blog and Mail Chimp. These are the main four areas that I use on a day to day basis and have huge fundamentals that help me with my coursework which is done every Monday.

Social Media
Email Listing

Every month I create the content for our Mail Chimp which is then sent to our Support Clients and people who have subscribed to our email list. The graphics have been created by our Graphic Designer Lewis who has just redesigned our email graphics to fit with our new sleek branding. Making it more functional and animated making it more pleasing to our subscribers.

Weekly Pictures and Blogs

Every week I am also assigned a blog to write. This can be about anything to do with digital marketing. I get given my subject to write about from Eve and then I start to do some research. After I have written my blog it then gets uploaded onto our website, which you can find on my meet the team page. Weekly pictures is something we do as an office. Every one uploads a picture of what has happened in the week and then I’ll edit the photo using photoshop or lightroom and then if it needs a graphic element with init I will use Canva. Canva is a quick and easy tool that we use to create graphics for our social media which we use quite often.


This is what I get up to in my day as a Marketing Assistant at Blue Whale Media. For me, no day is the same with new ideas and projects coming up and this is why we as a company we are so creative.