Designing/Creating MailChimps

MailChimp is a marketing platform created for the use of email marketing. Here at Blue Whale Media, we use this quite often in order to drive business and get our brand and name out there. Founded back in 2001, MailChimp is now gaining 14,000 every day as of 2017. This figure is actively increasing as email is still a very popular platform for business to business interaction.

Creating MailChimp at Blue Whale Media

Here at Blue Whale Media, we have a detailed plan of what we want to make our emails look like and who we want to see them. With email marketing, we feel like to get the best engagement we have to cover all basis of who we are and what we do. This will coincide with stunning and eye-catching graphics to draw potential custom. As a Graphic designer, I really enjoy creating MailChimp as there are so many graphics and ideas needed to create one. It can be quite challenging sometimes creating graphics that flow with one another. To create a full mail chimp, I usually use 10-15 graphics.

The different mail chimps we create at Blue Whale Media

As already mentioned, part of a planning process is deciding who are emails are targeting. For some emails we target them at specific sectors of work and tailor the mail chimp around them and what they do. For each of these, we have to take into account the time of year which therefore determines the demand for the service. For example, targeting florists around the summer time. We also send out a general mail chimp made for all business/sectors. This is more a generalised mail chimp just describing who we are and what we can offer. This can sometimes be the most time consuming as there is more to think about in terms of design and layout. We also send out mail chimps to support and non-support customers just to let them know how we are doing and if we are doing anything any differently.

Some of our Clients

We don’t just make mail chimps for ourselves, we also have some clients that we do email marketing with. Whisky collectables are one of them, and in their case, we promote the products they see with links to their pages. This for them is an easy way to communicate different products to new and existing customers. We have also had a few clients who just want to promote their service and the main thing we focus on is getting their brand across.

How often should MailChimp be sent out

Here at Blue whale media, we have a variation of how often the emails should get sent out. Some of our emails are weekly emails whereas some are monthly. This gives people enough time to remember us as they are seeing it on a regular basis. We also send out the odd mail chimp here and there which might provide offers for example.

Why I think your business should invest in email marketing

Through history, email has only gotten more popular and it has shown no indication of dropping in popularity. As already mentioned it is a very useful tool for businesses to communicate with other businesses. This is why I would recommend email marketing.

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