Digital Marketing at Christmas: Tis the season to be jolly

You may be feeling far from festive, but Christmas is fast approaching, and many businesses already have Christmas marketing plans in place. Not forgetting Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Christmas, it comes around every year like clockwork, yet in the world of e-commerce, it sometimes feels like it’s a surprise when it happens! Planning ahead allows brands to maximize sales during this vital period. But what is the best way to plan for an epic Christmas marketing campaign? Read on to discover the essential tips and tricks for planning your Christmas marketing strategies.

Revisit last year’s campaign performances

First of all, you need to look at reviewing last year’s Christmas campaign performance. This will show you what went well, and what could do with a bit of improvement this year. When did conversions peak? Which emails resulted in the most sales? Asking and answering questions like this will help inform this year’s strategy. Christmas campaign analysis is best done early on in the year when campaigns are fresh in your mind. But if you haven’t analysed performance yet, it’s not too late. Set some time aside and jump into your reports today too. The sooner the better, so you can continue with the following crucial elements to planning your Christmas marketing…

Creating a Timeline

The holiday season isn’t just about Christmas. There are a number of other dates you need to plan your campaign around. Creating a timeline will inform the chronology of your campaign. Gathering important dates of the upcoming year will allow you plenty of time to plan your campaigns and marketing plans successfully. These important dates can include; Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. Creating a Gantt chart to plot out all of your campaign deliverables will help you stay on track and gives you the opportunity to organise your messaging and offers well in advance.

Review Your Target Audience

The next task is to review your target audience. You can do this by looking at your previous campaigns with different audiences and checking how well or not so well they did. It is important to capture any changes in customer behaviour and update your personas accordingly. Accurate personas help you to hit the mark with your messaging. You may look at a successful campaign and use the same or similar audience as this campaign went well in attracting the attention you were aiming for.

Deciding on Offers

Which offers will you use to tempt customers to spend more throughout your campaign? The offers you choose to need to align with your message and theme. For example, slashing prices dramatically won’t make sense with a campaign that focuses on luxury. But a free gift above a spend threshold would make more sense. The public is all eyes and ears for special offers during special dates of the year. Discounted prices and services will attract attention to your business and branding. You should think about creating different offers for different dates in the year. For example; have two separate offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are two keys dates in the year that potential customers thrive on getting good deals ready for Christmas.

How Blue Whale Media Can Help You with Your Marketing Campaigns

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