DJI’s new Mavic Mini

DJI’s newest drone is the smallest and lightest drone the Chinese manufacturer have ever made. With its lightweight and small Characteristics, buyers won’t have to register it with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The Heavily leaked Mavic Mini was introduced to the consumer market on Wednesday 30th of October and is ready for pre-orders. The Mavic Mini becomes the 5th addition to the Mavic family. The drone will be sold for £369 with an upgraded combo package for £459. Despite being low in price compared to other drones released by DJI, the Mavic Mini has a lot of aspects similar to DJI’s more expensive drones.

Weight and Size

As already mentioned the Mavic Mini is the lightest and smallest drone in DJI’s collection which when folded up is smaller than the average human hand. It weighs a mere 249 grams making it almost as light as an average smartphone. Its weight also puts it one gram below the FAA registration cut-off. Its lightweight design also gives the Mavic Mini an impressive flight time of approximately 30 minutes.

Camera Specifications

One of the downfalls to this Mavic compared to others is that it doesn’t film in 4K footage. The drone camera uses a 1/2.3 inch sensor which shoots up to 2.7K footage at 30 frames per second. This is upped to 60 frames when filming in 1080p. The camera is stabilized with a three-axis gimbal for smooth footage.

Other Specifications

Another disadvantage that the Mavic Mini is that it has fewer sensors than DJI’s other drones making it more prone to crashing into things. Mavic Mini has groundward facing sensors for softer landings. It also comes with a charging hub made for convenience alongside a DJI bag to carry and propeller holders. On average its max speed is 8m/s which is increased to 13m/s when in sport mode.

User Ability

The average user says that despite the Mavic Mini being so light it is surprisingly stable and precise during flight. The drone itself is a very attractive product as are most DJI drones. For its price and size, the Mavic Mini is perfect for hobbyist drone flyers that don’t want to spend too much but however will still achieve stunning drone filming videography and photography. The Mavic Mini is also great when trying to film in areas where there is a high volume of obstacles such as a forest. This could give it an edge as opposed to the bigger DJI drone such as the Inspire 2.


The price, weight and ability makes this drone a very impressive addition to the Mavic series and to DJI in general. This drone helps fit the purpose of most users that are interested in aerial photography and videography alongside its relatively cheap price tag. As its weight allows it to dodge FAA registration DJI still urges its users to fly safely and responsibly which is why it’s built-in safety features help achieve this.

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