Easiest Way to Make Money over the Internet Using Adsense

Imagine being able to earn quite a good sum of money just from posting other people’s advertisements on your website. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not only is it true, it is a possibility and many website users are earning handsomely just by allowing Google to use their websites as advertisement platforms. According to SEO Agency Liverpool, all this is possible through Google Adsense which is an advertising network operated and run by Google. Let your business make more adsense revenue with Blue Whale Media.

What you need to know about the different forms of Google Adverts

Google adverts come in many different forms such as texts, videos and images. The best thing about having ads on your website is that there is no downside to it. Not only is it free to display the ads on your site, you don’t have to deal with the advertisers directly. It is a win-win situation. Google does all the work for you and still pays you – SEO Agency Liverpool. It collects money from the advertisers, keeps 32% of the cash and hands over to the publisher/website owner the remaining 68%.

How websites are chosen to host a particular Ad

However, there is a systematic process that is followed to determine which website will be chosen to host a particular advertisement. It operates on a bidding system known as ad auction. Basically what happens is advertisers state the price they are willing to pay for their ad to be displayed and then Google connects the advertisers with the publishers whose sites publish information relevant to the advert – SEO Agency Liverpool. For example, a milk advert will most likely be found on a site or website that talks about importance of drinking milk.

How websites win a bid

In a case where more advertisers bid to be displayed on your site, the website will be more competitive and hence the publisher will earn more money by displaying the adverts. A tool known as ad rank is used to determine which website will win a bid. It is calculated by multiplying the cost per click set by a website and its quality score – SEO Agency Liverpool. Therefore a high ranking website with a lower CPC is likely to win a bid.

Advantages of using Google AdSense

All this requires that your website have Adsense otherwise it will not be possible for it to bid for adverts. There are several steps that need to be followed in order to add Adsense to the website and SEO Agency Liverpool has listed them down. First things first, a website is necessary. If you currently don’t have a website, you should hold of getting Adsense until you do manage to obtain a site. Your site should also comply with the rules and regulations of Google. Not every site is eligible to host adverts. Those that want to need to meet the requirements such as easy to use navigation, easy to read text and properly lined up elements.

Final Thoughts

The next step is applying for Adsense, a process that SEO Agency Liverpool specializes in. Visit the Google Adsense website, locate the sign up button and click on it to begin the application process. The next step to take is to configure your ads. This is done by determining the kind of adverts you want displayed on your site. Once this is done, click on ‘save and get code’ and Google will automatically send a code to your website. For the expertise Blue Whale Media help and to earn more adsense revenues, call +44 1925 552050. To promote your site click https://www.bluewhalemedia.co.uk/warrington-web-development/seo-marketing-warrington/

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