A guide to the effective use of images for social media marketing

Effective & Simple Social Media Images

When scrolling through social media you will have noticed that images have more engagement than any other online post. However, getting the right image to publish on your social media can be difficult to choose. It is even harder when you are not sure what message you are trying to get across to your audience.

In today’s blog I am going to break down how to choose the right images to use for your social media marketing. I am going to outline what we do with our social media posts and show how effective they are.

Choosing The Right Photos

When it comes to choosing the right images we have stuck to a theme to make our images and posts stand out from your timeline. This did take sometime when we were trying to create some of our posts.

You can create quick and easy posts but you don’t want something that’s going to blend into peoples timelines.

When your images are different and unique you will start to get more engagement. We create our original photos and posts so you would never see the same post or image on your timeline making the posts more engaging.

Using Collages

If you want to tell a story using a collage is a great way to do it. We usually use collages to show the development of a companies site where we show the before and after of the site. We also show variations of logos that have been developed by our Graphic Designer.

This could work for you if you would like to showcase the work that you have done for other customers. If you sell various products you can also showcase these products using a collage to highlight the details about it.

Engaging Text

When it comes to getting a quick message across to people using text on a plain background is a great way to do it. When you use pictures you want to tell a story to your audience visually. Words are less likely to stop people from scrolling down their timeline so if you want to be able to use posts like this you have to be smart about it.

Collages for social media marketing

Text that would work well for posts like this would be, Inspirational quotes, Attractive headlines and Intriguing excerpts from a blog that you might have on your website. Having the text overlay an image that relates to the text also works really well.

Icons And Illustrations

Using icons and illustrations is a good way to attract people to your social media posts. They are a good alternative to using photos but can be also added to an image to make them stand out more. However, dont overuse them because them can become to overpowering. Just remember the most import thing which is to clearly communicate with your audience.

Using screenshots for social media marketing


The final thing you can include is screenshots. Taking screenshots is quick and easy to do. They can become really useful when you are trying to grab someone’s attention quickly. I mainly use them when I am creating posts for Used Mobiles 4u, where I take screenshots of customer reviews which then get posted on Facebook or Instagram.

Try some of these techniques out and see what’s best for you. Use a few different techniques so your audience doesn’t get bored looking at your content.