Elon Goes To the Moon

When it comes to technology, Elon Musk is the phenomenal one. It started with PayPal which has revolutionised online payment as we know today, but he is no longer attached to it. Then came Tesla Motors, the largest manufacturer of electric cars, and now the SpaceX program which is responsible for the design, manufacture and launch of rockets and spacecraft. The SpaceX program intended to bring about rocket reusability which minimises cost, carry astronauts to space and promote multi-planetary life through research. Elon Musk’s Japanese counterpart Yusaku Maezawa agrees to be the first human being to go to space with SpaceX.

The Big Falcon Rocket Launch

Big Falcon Rocket is the SpaceX’s human carrier that is expected to launch in about five years and orbit the moon. This program is aimed at promoting humanity as a multi-planetary species as Elon Musk’s company states. The first person to sign with the Company to fly around the moon with the Big Falcon Rocket is Yusaku Maezawa who wants the CEO to join him in the journey come launch time of the rocket. However, there was no specific response as to if he accepted the request or if he is yet to make his announcement.

Funding the SpaceX project

The SpaceX project is a shared effort implementation that involves many interested investors who contribute jointly towards the project. Fidelity Investments leads the other team that holds the $400 million in shares. Elon Musk as an investor owns will also directly purchase shares worth $100 million. Through this joint effort, ideas from investors across the globe are taken into account to aid in the development of a sophisticated system that will be used severally as opposed to the older systems that were used once.

The humanitarian agenda

Taking humanity to space is what the SpaceX Company has been up to since its inception. Researchers have been to the International Space Station before, but the agenda of multi-planetary life as proposed by Elon Musk is a little bit different from this. This program is aimed at improving future experiments conducted by NASA at the International Space Station which is aimed at extending life to other planets. Studies have been done on Mars, and it has been known to support life, and that is why SpaceX wants to send the first humans there come 2024.

SpaceX, Boeing and NASA affiliation

Formerly, NASA was run by the US government, but during that period, the financing soared higher and higher until the SpaceX Company was contracted to perform some operations for the organisation. Boeing also plays a significant role in NASA’s space exploration and has already developed the Starliner capsule which is set to conduct test flights with the crew next year (2019). Both Boeing and SpaceX are the Companies that NASA chose to fill in the gap that is yet to be created as expiry of the contract with Russian Soyuz spacecraft approaches.

Final say

Most efforts by researchers and investors to make life comfortable bore fruits, and we look forward to the new age when humanity will be extended to space. All attempts by NASA, SpaceX and Boeing to facilitate this process seem promising, and it is expected that in the end, we will get there.