How to Engage with Your Social Media Audience

Everyone knows that no matter what audience you are trying to target, you always need to interact with people to keep them interesting and wanting more. For social media, the audience you have will follow your accounts but only if you engage with them and give them a reason to keep liking your posts. It might be tricky at first but there are a number of ways that you can engage with your social media audience…

Prize Giveaways

Here at Blue Whale Media, we love giving back to our social media followers. For years now, we have run competitions on our Facebook page that give someone a chance to win an amazing prize. In the past, we have given away prizes such as an Amazon Echo Dot, an Apple Watch Strap, an Amazon Fire Tablet, a Google Home, Children’s books, a Marshmallow Kit and much more! This allows us to engage with the followers and they comment on the competition post and we can reply back to them. This creates a community of followers, especially if they have to comment on their best pictures as everyone gets involved and comments and likes each post.

Team Competitions

As well as giving away amazing prizes, we also run competition between the staff within the office. We have done a couple in the past such as our Gingerbread decorating day and our Pumpkin Carving competition on Halloween. When engaging our social media followers, we usually like our audience to decide the winner by commenting on their favourite. This is a great way to allow the audience to get to know our team members and get them involved in events that happen in the office.


A poll always allows people to get involved and provide their opinion. We have posted a range of different polls on our social media accounts that allow the audience to choose their favourite. An example that we have done in the past is based on a logo design where we let the social media followers choose which one they prefer. We have also done more casual polls such as which social media account they like best. These really help to start conversations and see what our followers think.

Fun Graphics

Another way of engaging with your social media followers is by creating fun and creative statuses. It’s not always about selling all the time, it’s about interacting with your audience so then they listen to the part where you sell your services. A great way to allow your customers to interact on your social media pages is by posting fun graphics such as a quote of the day, fun fact, holiday graphic or just something about the office. This allows people to share the more personal side to the business and it is more likely to make people share the post.

Why Choose Blue Whale Media

With all that considered, you can now see how important it is to engage with your social media followers. From competitions to fun graphics, you can really provide a wide range of variety to intrigue an audience. With the expert Marketing team at Blue Whale Media, we can transform your social media including promotional statuses too! Find out more by visiting our website.

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