Engaging ways to end your next blog post

Engaging ways to end your next blog post 

No matter how vast your experience is with blogging how long you’ve been producing content for, a conclusion to end a blog post is one of the most challenging aspects to write.

Many writers have a hard time ending every one of their posts, so much so that they end up with a repetitive tone that becomes boring and stale. 

Without a strong or powerful ending to your blog or article, all the hard work you put into the title and leading paragraphs is wasted. The end of your blog post is what keeps your readers or audience coming back for more.

At Blue Whale Media, our in-house content writers spend a lot of time writing blogs for our website; their struggle also is how to end a blog post in an engaging way. Here’s how you can engage your readers when you end your next blog:

Prioritise one call to action

Envision the conclusion of your article as a landing page; if you have more than one call to action, this is likely to confuse your readers and audience. Maybe leave them with a question to ponder on now and then; you could even ask your readers to comment on your post. Inviting your audience to offer their opinion or perspective gives them a voice on the subject you write about. This will help them to feel heard and valued as one of your readers, especially if you’re asking them directly to leave feedback. 

Make it a summary

When you’re stuck on how to end your next blog post, try making it a summary. By summarising your blog, you’re implementing a tried and true tactic when writing a conclusion. A summary will remind the reader about the topics you have already covered quickly and efficiently that’s easy for them to remember. A summary shouldn’t be too long. It should ideally help your audience take away something from your informative blog. 

Add links to useful resources.

It’s similar to the way you add links to related content within the main body of your blog. If you don’t have internal resources to link to, you could use other articles that you think your audience would benefit from reading. Alternatively, you can link to your pages currently on your website. Your readers have been primed on the topic you’re talking about, so while your brand and services are fresh in their minds, take advantage of the opportunity to direct them elsewhere on your website. 

Make it personal 

Many blog posts lack personality, something which is the consequence of content marketing in recent years. Adding a personal touch to your content is a great way to keep your readers interested. We all have limited time to spend reading blogs and with so much content being produced each day, writers need to think about how they will differentiate themselves from others. Rather than writing one blog after another, why not explain in a few sentences why you’ve written the blog and how it can benefit your readers. 

There you have it, our expert team have provided a few ways to conclude a blog post. If you would like more information about our blog writing service, why not contact Blue Whale Media today?