How to ensure your website is secure

Security is a significant concern to all website owners, especially with the threat of hackers who might exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to sensitive information for exploitation. It is advisable for all websites to take the necessary steps of putting measures which prevent unauthorized access and ensure the security features are up to date to avoid exposing yourself with outdated technology. Web Design Warrington believes that secure websites also play a role in inspiring the confidence and loyalty of customers to your site. No sane person would be comfortable giving out their information to a website which is susceptible to frequent cyber-attacks for fear of having their information stolen. Various ways to ensure your website is secure include;

Selecting a good WordPress hosting company

A rock-solid host is a step in the right direction towards ensuring a secure site. According to Web Design Warrington, these hosting companies have an obligation in ensuring the security of website information. Individuals should, therefore, conduct thorough background checks before settling on a particular service provider to reduce susceptibility to cyber-attacks in the long run.

Reviewing plugins and themes before installing

WordPress has over 55000 themes out there which are compatible with it for use. Despite the fact that these website extensions improve the functionality of the site, they can act as gateways through which hackers can gain access to the website. It is, therefore, to be careful when selecting both plugins and themes to ensure your website is not vulnerable to such attacks.

Backing up your website

It is essential to ensure your website information is backed up regularly. In the event your website is infiltrated, you’re backed up data will be your insurance to getting things back to the way they were. Web Design Warrington has as well disclosed that loss of valuable business information can also lead to huge losses, and thus professional should always have a backup plan to cushion from such unfortunate circumstances.

Security Plugin

Extensions are responsible for providing additional functionality which complements the inbuilt features of the website. Because WordPress is an open source platform, it benefits from a wide choice of plugins which user can choose from depending on the needs of their business. Some popular options for WordPress Security plugins include WordFence, iThemes Security, etc. which are available to users for free and premium versions which have additional features but include a monthly or yearly payment plan.

Password strength

Ensuring your WordPress website has a strong password as well as user name. It is essential for access to all sites to be made as difficult as possible to all unauthorized personnel. Web Design Warrington advises on the use of unique characters which cannot be easily predicted for all accounts which are linked to the website. You can as well have a habit of frequently changing your password, and above all, refrain from using the same password for all your websites to minimize damage in case one leaks out to malicious individuals.

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