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Eve – Favourite Things about Blue Whale Media Q&A

Eve – Favourite Things about Blue Whale Media Q&A

Question 1 – What is your favourite lunch to have at work?

Salt n pepper chicken & chips from the Butchers (even though I can’t have it because I’m healthy eating!)

Question 2 – What is your favourite time of year at Blue Whale Media?


Question 3 – What has been your favourite team building?

Probably the Christmas party

Question 4 – Who is the best at making drinks in the office?

I would have to say either Lewis or Harry because they make really good hot chocolates

Question 5 – Whose desk would you love to sit at for a day & why?

I love my own desk because it’s near to the windows and the dogs bed are underneath 

Question 6 – What do you spend your breaks doing?

Eating & online shopping 

Question 7 – Which office dog is the best to cuddle throughout the day?

Molly of course!

Question 8 – Who tells the most interesting stories in the office?

Danielle – always a funny story!

Question 9 – What music do you love listening to in the office?

The Blue Whale Media Spotify playlist

Question 10 – What are your thoughts on the Blue Whale Media team?

I love the team! Everyone is kind, helpful and we always work together to get projects done

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