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Eve – Get To Know Me More Q&A

Eve – Get To Know Me More Q&A

Question 1 – If You Didn’t Have To Sleep, What Would You Do With The Extra Time?

Go drinking with my friends

Question 2 – What Job Would You Be Terrible At?

A Chef

Question 3 – What Pets Did You Have While You Were Growing Up?

2 dogs, a hamster, goldfish and a rabbit

Question 4 – Who Has Impressed You Most With What They’ve Accomplished?

My dad – he worked his way up through experience and determination

Question 5 – What’s The Best Single Day On The Calendar?

25th December

Question 6 – Where Is The Most Interesting Place You’ve Been?


Question 7 – If You Could Spend A Day In Someone Else’s Shoes (At Blue Whale Media), Whose Would They Be?

Stef – she gets to make all the decisions and she shops a lot!

Question 8 – Who Would You Want With You If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island?

Bear Grylls

Question 9 – What’s Something You’ve Been Meaning To Try But Just Haven’t Gotten Around To It?


Question 10 – There Are Two Types Of People In This World. What Are The Two Types

Successful and lazy 

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