Everything You Need To Know About Boston Dynamics

If you tap the name “Boston Dynamics” into YouTube you’ll probably be amazed by what you find. Boston Dynamics makes robots and the company has uploaded numerous videos that have already created a stir. What strikes you immediately is that the robots have legs. And they seem very life-like.

Boston Dynamics’ robots often look like dogs or humans – although they don’t have faces. And their four or two legs allow them to cross terrain that would be difficult for wheels.

They Don’t Fall Over

Here at our web development company Manchester we also notice how the videos often feature humans trying to push the robots over. If a human succeeds in making the robot fall, it simply gets up again.

The aim is to demonstrate the resilience of the robot and how it can correct its balance, for instance. But the footage of someone pushing the robot does occasionally look bizarre, or even cruel – despite the robot being a machine. You may find yourself saying, “Leave that robot alone – pick on someone your own size!” Or, “Are we making robots so we can beat them up?”

But in this blog from Blue Whale Media, the website design Manchester based agency, we’ll look at how these machines might be used in the future.

How Will The Robots Be Used?

Our web development company Manchester keeps a keen eye on technological advancements. So we were interested to see the founder of Boston Dynamics, Marc Raibert, giving a presentation at the trade fair CeBIT in June 2018.

He launched the company in 1992, but it was bought by SoftBank in 2017, after previously being acquired by Google X.

So at our website design Manchester agency we were fascinated to hear his vision for his robots. He said they could help in the following areas…

– Entertainment – they could be dressed up as cartoon characters, for instance
– Security – they would be suitable for patrolling buildings at night
– Warehouse logistics – they’re good at heavy lifting
– Parcel delivery – they can easily handle packages
– Care of the elderly or disabled – they could help perform simple tasks around a house
– Cleaning up toxic environments, such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster

What Are Its Main Robots?


This is a “robot dog” – and Boston Dynamics plans to start selling it in 2019. Approximately 100 will be made by the end of 2018, but mass production will begin next year, with the aim of making around 1,000 SpotMinis a year. But there’s no information yet on how much it will cost? Or who, exactly, will want to buy it.


This humanoid robot is suitable for search and rescue missions, as well as warehouse work. When it was unveiled in 2013, it was over 6 feet tall, but it has gradually shrunk in size with every new version – and it’s now 5 foot, 9 inches. It accidentally fell off a stage during a demo in 2017, but the company has since released videos of it performing a back flip and running on grass.


Created in 2005, Boston Dynamics worked with other organisations on this four-legged robot. It was hoped that it could serve as a “pack mule” for soldiers in the field, but ultimately it was considered to be too noisy to be used in combat.

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