Facebook software Bug causes panic

Facebook has come out in the open to state that a new software virus has led to the exposure of millions of its subscriber’s photos including those not yet available on its platform. It was after it gave rights to third-party mobile apps to access pictures on users album instead of photos posted in their timeline. Warrington Web Designers is following this development keenly since it’s usually active on the social media platform.

Facebook called a press release where it made an announcement reporting about its pop up feature in Bryant Park Network. It said third party users were able to access a lot of photos that before in for 12 days in September. It is a significant concern since the privacy of users should come first at any one time. Warrington Web Designers is checking to find out if it is one of the users that were affected by this latest development.

The company added that plans were underway to notify the users affected by this development. It will be important for users to know about the breach in their privacy and Warrington Web Designers is hopeful there will be a solution to this matter.

It is the most recent data breach at the social media platform after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Consumer rights groups were up in arms about the Cambridge Analytica issue, and the current development is undoubtedly going to generate a lot of heat.

The company went on to add that every time someone allows a mobile app access to pictures on Facebook, they only permit to access pictures people avail on the timeline. Warrington Web Designers frequently gives rights to apps to access its photos on the Facebook platform. However, this could be a worrying development if third parties could be allowed to view pictures on the album feature.

The bug gave third-party users to be able to access other pictures on Facebook. Around 1500 applications were affected by this glitch. Warrington Web Designers would like to know the names of these apps so that it can review its apps installation history.

They were also able to access other photos available on the market place and the stories section. The market place has been a favourite section with Facebook users, and it will be interesting to see the consumer reaction to this latest development.

They were also able to view photos uploaded but not yet posted on Facebook. It is whereby users are writing a post on their Facebook wall, and there are some photos on the waiting list to be uploaded. It is a sad situation for any user who has been affected since there is a violation of their right to privacy.

The company said that it was working with the app developers so as to delete pictures of affected customers. It is a welcome move since users would like to know if there is a restoration of their privacy and if the views out there in the wrongs hands have been deleted.

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