What’s the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn?

Social media is ever-changing. There’re always a new crazy way people can document every aspect of their lives, but what if you’re a business? With so many social networking sites already out there and even more popping up each day, where do you begin? Everyone in business asks “Why do I need Facebook/LinkedIn?” or “What’s the real difference between the two”. I am here to answer that question for you. Let’s start with Facebook.

What is Facebook?

The Facebook social networking site is used to connect with a variety of people – your friends, family and those you work with, go to school with, or people you used to be friends or classmates with. In a general sense, where LinkedIn is designed to connect professionals, Facebook is designed to just connect people. Now LinkedIn…

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional, business-oriented social networking site. Here, users can create a profile that is akin to a resume. Your LinkedIn profile summarizes your current and previous professional experience, your company and its industry and affiliates, your educational background, and any websites you own or are affiliated with.

Facebook Tools and Features

First of all, networks. When you join Facebook, you can join a regional network to connect with people in your own area. Other types of networks you can join are based on a company or school.

  • Facebook Applications – Applications on Facebook are small programs that users can install to their profile. These can be anything from blog interfaces to games, instant messaging, shopping lists and more. Other can often see notes about your applications and what you are doing in it on your profile. Also, your profile will also include boxes which contain the application.
  • Facebook Photos – Facebook users can create online photo albums which can be viewed from their profile.
  • Facebook Video – Users can upload and tag videos to share on their Facebook profile.
LinkedIn Tools and Features
  • Recommendations – You can recommend colleagues, business partners or service providers and share your recommendations on your profile. When others view those profiles, they can read the recommendations.
  • Contacts- You can search and add contacts individually or simply import your Outlook or Webmail contacts from Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail.
  • LinkedIn Search – You can search for people by name, by a company or by industry.
  • LinkedIn Jobs – A job search, powered by Simply Hired enables you to search for jobs.
  • LinkedIn Answers – Here you can ask a question and get answers from your connections and experts within your network.
  • LinkedIn Service Providers: A directory of service providers with recommendations from clients. The most recent LinkedIn recommendations are listed here also.
Main Differences between Facebook and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is designed more for business and professional networking and offers a profile and options to network in a business sense. Facebook, on the other hand, is designed more to connect family and friends. When you want to know where an old colleague is working now, you use LinkedIn. When you want to find out if that same colleague is married and if they have kids, you use Facebook.

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