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Five Mistakes Of Online Shop Web Design To Avoid

Your online store has been built with a lot of care and cost. You have surely hired a competent web designer to make your online store attractive and worthwhile. But have you wondered if you are maximising conversions or building a strong clientele with your site? Be sure your online shop web design Warrington team steers clear of the following web design mistakes.

Value Proposition

When a prospective customer visits your site, it is most important for him to know the kind of products you have to offer and why he should buy from you. In the absence of a strong value statement, the customers will veer away from your site because it reflects a lack of conviction on your part.

Images – A Tip Straight From The Web design Warrington Team

An attractive website makes use of relevant images and a judicious use of colours for the background and foreground. Don’t put in an image before understanding the psychology of your customers. The book-lover will prefer to see the cover of the book while a fitness freak would want to see how the latest sports shoe looks like on the wearer during a workout.

Product Description

Simply posting a picture of your product is not enough. In most cases, the customer will want to read a product description before making a final choice. How can you buy a television without knowing its display features or buy the pretty looking shirt not knowing the material it’s made of? A product description gives your product a ‘real’ feel in the virtual store; a must-have feature for your online store.

Visual Hierarchy

The images or fonts that you have used for your texts must essentially follow a visual hierarchy. The most striking area of your page should be the one you want your customers to notice first. An online shop web design Warrington professional will know well to make the ‘buy now’ button the most prominent on the page. The product name, special offers and other details will follow suit.


You cannot get a good conversion rate for your online store if visitors don’t know whether to trust you or not. Post pictures of events, media coverage and customer reviews to generate trust among your audience.

Now you know what to avoid while designing your online store. Contact a professional online shop web design Warrington team to make the most out of your online web store. Give us a call now on 01925 552050 or Contact Us online now!

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