How to Fix High Bounce Rates on Your Website?

In the words of the web design Manchester team, bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of your visitors that quit your website within seconds of landing or without visiting any other page on your site. A high bounce rate is not necessarily abnormal, but sometimes, it is a sign that something’s wrong with your website. The fact is that “high” is a very subjective term. What’s high for one industry may not be high at all. A bounce rate of 70% or more is really bad, and the situation needs to be fixed immediatley. Here’s a look at some of the most common reasons for bounce rates.

Load Time Issues

If there’s a high bounce rate, it’s possible that your website is really slow to load. A slow loading website can frustrate your visitors who will quickly bounce off in search of another website that serves their purpose. If your website or features poorly optimised image and forces visitors to download it before they access your page, it is sure to put them off. Ensure to optimise your images before uploading to your website. Talk to your web design Manchester agency for assistance if need be.

No Text

If your page has very little text and a lot of images, you will have a higher bounce rate. That’s because there’s not much to read and images convey the message quickly. So if you are in a business that requires image heavy website, you will have high bounce rate.

Technical Errors – Let a Web Design Manchester Company, Help You

Sure, a bad page in the search results doesn’t affect your search rankings. However, it gives a poor impression about your business. To ensure that your visitors don’t reach the oft dreaded “404” error page, be sure to put in place a 301 redirect. This way, in case someone lands on the old/bad page, they will be instantly redirected to the new page without a glitch in the experience you want your visitors to experience. Talk to your web design Manchester agency to help creating 301 redirects.

Poor Design or Experience

If your website is decades old, it’s sure to put off your visitors and they may think you are out of business and bounce out as soon as they land. If your website is not mobile friendly, and puts users through a harrowing experience, then again, you can expect high bounce rates. The solution in each of these cases is to invest in a stunning new website that’s responsive and designed exclusively for your target audience. Talk to Blue Whale Media today for a stunning, mobile friendly website that delivers the results you seek.

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