Florist Website Colour Palette

#b2325a Colour


#ecbccf Colour


#f2e2e0 Colour


#e8f4da Colour


#849974 Colour


What is a colour Palette?

A colour palette is a collection of colours brought together for the use of design. The colours work together to create a scheme that compliments each other in style and appearance. When all colours are used together, they create a theme in which they can be used in a variety of different scenarios. Colour palettes can be adopted in logo design, web design and branding overall.

Florist Website Colour Palette

Why you need a colour palette

Colours palettes are useful to any industry especially when focussing on the marketing aspect of your business. Colour palettes set a basis for your branding and also give you a set guideline on what colours to use so you don’t go over the top and use too many colours that no longer makes your company recognisable. Your colour scheme works into your branding to make sure your clients know what your content looks like on all aspects of your work.

Why industry this colour palette works with?

For this specific colour palette, I would suggest that it would work best for the florist industry based on the tones and colours used. The pinks represent the flowers such as roses, tulips and peonies. On the other sided you have the greens which represent the plants and leaves. Altogether the colours represent the typical tones you would expect to see of a florist. Notice that the colours chosen are also very soft and not harsh and florists are usually seen in a light tone of mood and something that is very pretty and innocent. This is the reason for the colours and also to represent the female side as flowers are usually associated with that specific gender. Overall this colour palette would represent a florist company really well with their branding and on their website.

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