The future of content writing for websites

The Future of Content Writing

Every major brand is online now and they are trying to engage more and more customers with their content and for a good reason. Website content should always be of good quality with a target audience in mind and a story to tell.

At Blue Whale Media, our contact writers know that a voice in content is one of the most important factors. What does the next couple of years hold for content writers and the audiences that read their work?

Looking For The Right Platform

Content needs to stand out from the crowd, you want to be transparent, and reduce content that reminds readers about your company. The first tip is to do the homework and find out everything you can about what your readers want to read. Begin with simple audience analysis; find what your audience wants through insights is essential if a business wants their articles to be read.

The Most Engaging Content

Content is undergoing a metamorphosis in which the uber short, concise and punchy copy and lengthy, in-depth, long-form storytelling will become the two most engaging formats.

We’ll see a shorter-style copy in places like interactive content and mobile applications, especially as the internet continues to grow.

Long-form content will continue to be offered as eBooks and whitepapers, but we’ll also see ungated long-form editorial-style content edging in on blogs and specialised publications.

It’s time to vary your content length, but only when it makes sense because some information you have to share can’t be summed up in the short form.

A Different Kind Of Content

With social media sites being developed, it’s time content wasn’t a standalone part of marketing, but a crucial tool that should be integrated into every part of the strategy.

Social media users are now seeing content everywhere and on a more daily basis, articles can be clicked through to on Snapchat’s Discover page and can be viewed in text and video format. As a content writer, you must consider what format will suit their audience the most a brand aimed at a younger generation may benefit from a concise number of paragraphs.

Quality Over Quantity Will Reign Supreme

Geat content writers have been pushing for quality content over quantity. There is no point in publishing several blog posts per week if they’re not earning traffic.

The most successful brands will be putting extra time and effort into their content, which means you should too. Try working with writers trained in journalism who know how to chase a good story, conduct interviews and find a new and exciting angle.

You Can’t Get Away With Bad Design

When a reader has only one option to learn about a specific topic they are interested in, and that option happens to be an ugly site, they have no choice but to suffer.

When there are multiple pieces of content about even particular topics, readers will start choosing their options based on other factors such as design. If all you focus on is content, then don’t expect it to get attention, there are thousands of others out there just like it. If you put some extra effort into design, then yours will stand out.

Content writing isn’t dying; it’s arguably more alive than ever. As the industry grows, more and more people will want better and stronger content, so the future of content writing looks exciting.