How GDPR Affects Web-Designers

Web developers like web design St Helens, usually have a lot of things to consider while developing and designing a website. From security to SEO and performance, these individuals have plenty of things to keep in mind. However, now, they need to ensure that their sites comply with the GDPR regulations.

This new data protection law was introduced by the European Union (EU) back in may 2018 and is meant to protect EU citizens from having their personal details being processed by companies. Whether it’s an online store, e-commerce website, or bank, all should adhere to this regulation. Therefore to avoid harsh penalties, as a web designer, you will need to follow these crucial steps.

Who is affected by the GDPR?

If your company gathers information from EU citizens, you should understand where and how such information is being stored. Also, if your online store or website is hosted on avenues like Woocommerce or WordPress, then you need to find out how these third-party processors are storing and using the data. Always have a clear policy of how you use and store data.

Anyone doing business or collecting European data must comply with the regulation. Anyone who is not ready to meet the legal requirement cannot continue doing business in Europe. Even more shocking is that developers who have been collecting European data since 1995, have to explain how they have been using it. GDPR applies everywhere, no business, sector, situation, organization or scenario is spared. The financial turnover, business size or headcount does not matter. Even the smallest business must follow the rules just the large corporations.

Document and Establish Data Processing and Collection Procedures

GDPR considers Google as your primary data processor especially if you are using the Google Analytics program. Google has implemented GDPR in all its services whether you are doing business with citizens from the European Union or not.

It updated its agreements, terms of service, and reviewed its commitments towards notifying its customers promptly on any security infringement. This policy even allows them to know when and how the data is removed and stored. So, all you have to do is to change the set-up of your Google Analytics.

Review Your Entire Privacy Policy

Web design St Helens will ensure that your site’s privacy policy is fully updated. It should cover all the much-needed points and rules for you to be on the legal side. They ensure it captures these essential details.
• An accurate description of the data you collect from Europe
• Information on how you will deal with security breaches.
• Include your contact information for customers to reach out to you in case they have a pressing issue.
• It should explain the customer’s rights and how they can ask for information touching on their personal data because it’s more of their right than a service.


As an international business enterprise, it’s almost impossible to escape the GDPR effects. After all, your website’s services are definitely being used by residents in the European Union. So, let web design St Helens help you comply with this strict regulation to avoid disastrous repercussions.

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