Google Ads: A Guide To Quality Score

Before we get into the ins and outs of quality score and how it affects your PPC marketing and Google Ads, what exactly is quality score?

Quality score is an important keyword metric for any PPC marketing advertiser which is used when Google calculates your Ad Rank during an auction. Aside from deciding your ad’s position (or if it even shows up) it also has a factor on how much you pay for a click, which we’ll get into later. Unlike your Ad Rank, your quality score is a lot less mythical and can be easily viewed by going to your keywords, editing your columns and selecting “quality score”.

How Is Quality Score Calculated?

Google uses three weighted metrics when calculating a quality score for each keyword. The metrics for Average Click-through-rate (CTR), ad relevance and landing page experience each has three possible results: below average, average and above average. Again, all this is publicly visible to you in your Google Ads accounts.

Google attaches a different value to these average results and adds them together to come up with a quality score. You can read more about the inner workings of calculating quality score here.

What Does Quality Score Actually Do?

As mentioned previously, quality score has a direct factor on your ad rank and cost per click. A high-quality score will generally mean a higher ad rank and higher position, increasing your ad’s visibility. High-quality scores will also mean you pay less for each click your ad receives. This varies depending on the quality score. Since you are paying less for clicks, this also decreases your cost per conversion and increases your return on investment!

Of course, this is all the opposite for low-quality scores. If your quality score is low, you will generally be below other ads, pay more for each click or your ad might not even show at all if the quality score is too low!

You can find a helpful guide on how quality score affects cost per click here.

How Can I Improve My Quality Score?

Since we already know how quality score is calculated, it’s rather easy to improve it. The first thing you can do is improve your ad relevance by re-writing your ad copy to include more of your keywords. Improving your ad’s relevance should also improve your click-through rate as your ad will resonate with more potential customers.

Improving your landing page can be a little trickier since we might not actually know what the problem is. You’ll generally want to focus on user experience and call to actions. Do you have pop-ups which ruin your users experience on the website? Do you have a lack of call to actions to direct your users around your website?

Ensure your website also adheres to best practices, such as being mobile-friendly, secure, has an SSL certificate etc. You should also make sure your landing page is actually relevant to your advert. If you are advertising a specific blue summer jacket, don’t direct users to a generic product page for all different types of jackets. Something this simple can be easily overlooked when creating PPC ads!

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