How To Stay Updated With Google Algorithm Changes

Updates in the digital world are crucial in ensuring platforms close loopholes that existed in the previous versions for exploitation, platforms security considering cyber-criminals are as well getting smarter among other reasons. Google considering its size and worldwide dependability has many updates in a year to ensure it gives the best services to its clientele all over the globe. According to SEO Warrington, most of the changes on their search algorithms are small and can be hardly noticed however there are significant updates some of which have been announced or confirmed to have been done by the search engine giant.

Why you should watch for Google Algorithm Updates

Every business website would want to rank highest on googles search results to make them easily available to searchers online and increase the probability of being clicked on. However, Google is continually improving the search engine to ensure it provides the most relevant search results for the various keywords. As a result, SEO Warrington believes that Keeping track of such updates will, therefore, help the website to adjust their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy accordingly to still rank high in case of any significant changes which would have otherwise reduced the websites online visibility.

Methods of tracking google updates

Websites can keep track of these algorithm updates by keeping tabs on the various SEO blogs which cover such updates or tools that track the updates.

Blog platforms that can be used to keep track of the updates

The Google Webmaster Central Blog – even though this platform has not been actively used recently for information, it used to be where people would find out about any major changes in Googles Algorithm. All in all, the blog is still used by Google to announce big changes in advance. It is, therefore, a resource which should be closely monitored to be informed in case of any changes to come.

Twitter – this platform has been used by various Googlers to confirm or announce specific updates sometimes even going ahead to share a few details concerning the update.

The Search Engine Journal – this journal has a dedicated page specifically for updates in Google’s algorithm including information such as the algorithm name, the date which it was rolled out, backlinks to the official announcement if any, etc. People can subscribe to their newsletters or follow the journal on their social media platform where they will update you on any changes.

Various tools which can be used to track updates in Google’s algorithm

The SEMrush sensor – SEO Warrington is confident that this is one of the most effective tools for tracking updates. The ranking changes being monitored are broken down to over twenty categories, location, etc. you can additionally check in totality the SERP volatility for up to the past thirty days.

Panguin Tool – this is a free too for SEO that helps website owners to know if an algorithm update has affected their organic sessions. It uses several filters to overlay updates which are known with you Google analytics making analysis relatively easy.

cognitiveSEO Signals – the tool closely monitors over 100.000 keywords each day and notes any fluctuations of the search results ranking on the various devices. People can sign up on the tool to receive notifications when the search engine is volatile.

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