Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Apps from The Play Store

When Google did a comprehensive update to the official Play Store Policy page, which now reads “We do not allow apps that mine cryptocurrencies on devices.” In more straightforward language website design Manchester explains that this implies Google will start removing any app on the Play Store that use a device’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency. On the other hand, it promises to permit only those mining apps whose sole purpose is to control and manage remote cryptocurrency mining on servers and desktops.

Android Police additionally reported on disruptive ads a matter of interest too. Google went ahead to prohibit repetitive application on this Google Play Store. It actually means some apps existing on this platform may have functionalities that mimic each other and more so providing the same user experience. Unique and creativeness of an app is required as showcased by website design Manchester

Also to note is that an app can be removed once they copy content directly another work, then utilize without adding a new feature that displays uniqueness. Also, happens if the developer comes up many apps whose content is similar as well as the user experiences. Another app type rejected are those developed using an automated tool, or mostly based on templates.

The tech giant Apple announced of enforcing a ban on all cryptocurrency mining apps its Store. It clearly stated that only mining apps that could be allowed were those carrying cloud-based mining.

According to website design Manchester, the social media platform, Facebook has also in recent times put a strict ban on any ads relating to cryptocurrencies from the ad platforms; they further reported there being a regular abuse of the ads to promote the so-called phishing sites and scam campaigns

Effects of Untethered cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrency mining on smartphone devices running on the Android OS is not advisable at all. Reason by website design Manchester is how untethered mining causes critical overheating of the device’ motherboard as well as battery, hence spreading the heat to the delicate components of the device. A dangerous situation can happen as the battery’s case deforms, starts leaking then explodes to catch fire. In the past, we’ve had such incidence happen, where specific android malware, for example, hidden malware are said to cause physical damage once they infected a phone.

Once Google removed these apps, developers were furious and complained over the matter on platforms like Reddit.

To add on that, in April, Google further banned Chrome extension that will mine cryptocurrencies from the official Chrome Web Store.

YouTube Restrictions on Cryptocurrency Mining

Earlier on the year, the big media platform, YouTube expanded certain restrictions for apps that are capable of facilitating black markets such as the sale of ammunition, explosives, firearms, and associated accessories. Apps that do provide guided instructions on skills such as manufacturing of explosives, weapons, guns, ammunition which website design Manchester rejects, also followed the same criteria and got banned. Not left out were apps that contain adult content yet they’re appealing to children; also app such as impersonating organizations, apps forcing users to click and submit sensitive information for ads as the full usage of the app is granted.