How does our Drone Footage Warrington team use Google Earth to locate the best environments for drone shoots?

Using Google Earth to find good places for drone filming

With drone footage and photography growing in popularity every year, it can often feel that every seemingly beautiful location has been filmed and photographed. Drone pilots and businesses are required to find new and interesting ways to shoot locations in order to stand out amongst their competitors. New angles and new locations can create beautiful footage and our Drone Footage Warrington has extensive experience that allows them to choose the perfect shoot location.

How Drone Footage Warrington use Google Earth to scout locations

Google Earth is a powerful tool that can be used by our Drone Footage Warrington team to scout out new and exciting locations for drone shoots without even leaving the office! With the detailed satellite images that Google Earth provides, you can easily and quickly look through a list of potential filming locations and decide which are best for your project.

Planning Drone Footage Warrington flights and route with Google Earth

 Once we have scouted a location to film, our Drone Footage Warrington team will go into greater depth to identify the unique qualities of the environment. Using Google Earth, our team will zoom in to see every detail possible to help them to plan the best flight path through the location. This includes using the Google Earth Photo Mode. This application will show any photographs of the area that have been uploaded and geotagged.

Plan your Drone Footage Warrington shots with Google Earth

When you have used Google Earth to locate your shoot environment, you can also use it to create a shot list. Navigate through the satellite pictures to see the unique features of your location and develop a detailed shot list. By committing to preplanning your flight and shots, you can be sure of what you are creating. Our Drone Footage Warrington team uses this to offer clients a plan of action during our storyboard meetings.

Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous with your Drone Footage Warrington

Preparation is essential, but can be limiting. If, on the day of the shoot, your team noticed an interesting feature or element, do not be afraid to deviate from the storyboard and capture a new shot.  Creativity and imagination are what can set you apart from your competitors and help you to connect with your audience. At Blue Whale Media, we encourage our Drone Footage Warrington team to follow their instinct at shoots and capture anything they think will add to the footage.


Prior preparation for a drone shoot is vital to its success. By taking the time to plan your route, your location and meticulously storyboard each shot, you are preparing for success. Of course, our Drone Footage Warrington team always encourage creativity and on the day, if something catches your eye, go with it and add it to your shot list. For further information regarding our Drone Footage Warrington services, please follow the link below: