Google Makes Changes to Maps API Services

June 11th sees the launch of Google’s new plan for API services. In the past map API’s have been a completely free service for website owners that allow for the integration of Google maps into a website’s architecture.

Many location based services can be used through map API’s, but recently, Google has vastly improved the service for more advanced location based experiences.

What Updates Have Been Rolled Out?

The main up date to services (apart from the name change to Google Maps Platform) is the pay as you go system that has now be included.

Everyone will now be expected to set up billing on their Maps Platform account in order to pay for services but do not worry, Google has a gift for all account holders.

$200 Free Dollars for All Website Owners

Google will be gifting all website owners with $200 worth of free credit for their Google Maps Platform each month. This amount covers every single website currently receiving support from Blue Whale Media so you do not need to worry about paying for the service as it is essentially free for most website owners.

You do however need to set up billing on your website’s backend and so the team at Blue Whale Media will be sending you a link to do so in due course.

Why Are Google Doing This?

Up until now, Google Maps API has been a free service. However, with the development of location based technologies, they intend to begin charging companies that are themselves making a lot of money through location services.

Some are seeing this update as a tax for services that are greatly profiting from Google’s previously free service.

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