Is Google Changing Their Search Algorithm?

Google recently published a research paper stating that it has come up with better ways on how web pages will be ranked on search engines. This new algorithm claims to have artificial intelligence to be able to know the intent of the user and giving relevant search results in this regard. This algorithm is known as Groupwise scoring function.

Google has not yet given confirmation on whether or not this GroupWise scoring function is in place but since researchers claim to have seen a few improvements here and there, it will not be wrong to assume that it has already taken effect.

Recently, Google introduced a broad core algorithm update that was said to be one of the biggest yet. It was launched earlier this month in March 2019. We still do not know if these two updates are related because Google rarely discusses details of any algorithm updates they make. However, since the March release was a core update, it will not be far-fetched to assume that this other update is part and parcel of a series of improvements they are willing to make.

This algorithm works by scoring websites individually, then scores the same web pages against their competitors in the same field. They then find which is the most relevant website and gives it higher rankings. See SEO Warrington.

This is not the only way it ranks websites. It is also keen at reviewing the age of specific websites, then giving results according to the specific needs of the user.

In a human scenario, after the search engine results page appears, users often compare different contents from different websites within that results page. This is the same way this algorithm will work. It has a better predictive capability and will also compare different website contents and come up with more effective results that will satisfy the user.

The research paper also went on to confirm that significant improvements have been witnessed. These improvements have also come at minimal costs.

The fact that Google has done research on this algorithm is proof enough that is a viable project and will be used in the near future if it is not already in place.

How can GroupWise scoring aid your SEO?

Currently, the way Google is ranking its web pages has moved from the traditional backlinks and heading tags. This method of seeking common denominators between related relevant pages is a more efficient way of providing users with what it is exactly they are looking for.

Even if this concept is still not in play, website owners can use this information to better comprehend what their audience needs and create websites that attend to those needs. This, in turn, will promote higher rankings and help in the increment of your conversion rates and profit margins.

To learn more about how these Google algorithm updates can help you have a higher ranking and an overflow of traffic to your website, talk to experts SEO Warrington.

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