Google Search Console Launches URL Inspection Tool

Google has been quietly working on an updated Search Console over the past year and has finally revealed and launched some new and updated key features. The new Google Search Console has moved from a limited beta into an open beta for all users, and it also features an all-new URL Inspection Tool used to understand how Google Search sees a specific URL.

One of the most requested-for inclusions, the URL inspection tool provides details into the crawl, index and serving information about your pages.

How the URL Inspection Tool Works

In the new URL inspection tool, you can enter a URL that you own for key information regarding the last crawl date and the status of the URL. This will also inform you of any crawling or indexing errors along with the canonical URL for the page you’re checking. Google will also notify you of any enhancements on the page like rich results like Recipes or Jobs.

Just as important as the information about indexed pages, the new URL inspection tool also gives key information about pages that aren’t indexed. Google will give you a full report about noindex robots meta tags along with Google’s canonical URL for the page, allowing you to resolve any issues and have your page be indexed.

Data Directly from the Google Index

The true strength of Google’s URL inspection tool is the fact that it can draw on Google’s immense collection of data. All information the URL inspection tool gives you is directly from Google’s index, giving you insight into the machinations of Google’s search engine.

Along with this, the URL inspection tool gives full issue reports, showing all pages affected by the same issue so that you can fix and prevent common bugs.

Fully Revamped Search Console

The new URL inspection tool comes alongside a full Having served Google well for over a decade now, Google’s Search Console has been undergoing some changes over the past year. Back in August of 2017 Google revealed they would be extensively redesigning the Search Console while offering a brief sneak peek of features.

While it took Google a bit longer than anticipated, the beta version of the new Search Console has been rolled out to all users, including a set of new features and functionality. Don’t worry if you prefer the old Google Search Console, as Google is keeping both versions live side-by-side until the new version is complete.

More Insights, Faster Feedback, Better Workflow

Google’s new Search Console touts a variety of new features; however, it’s their new Search Performance Report which looks to be the most helpful. This new report will give you 16 months of data, allowing users to analyse impressions, click-through-rates and more in their long-term form, allowing for year to year comparisons.

The new Search console is also coming with a Recipe report, helping you fix structured data issues that are affecting recipes rich results. Along with this, Google has updated their Index Coverage report, giving you more detailed insight into potential issues with your indexed or non-indexed URLs.

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Google’s new Search Console and URL inspection tool are a considerable step forward in providing webmasters with the proper tools and information to make their job easier. This open beta looks to already be a massive success amongst web developers, and we’re certain that Google will continue updating and upgrading it.

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