Google SMS Replacement Launch

Which do you prefer to send: a traditional text or a WhatsApp message? When making that choice, you may find yourself thinking that WhatsApp pretty much wins every time. In short, it gives you more options in comparison to a text. You can send messages or pictures to groups, for instance.

So it’s no wonder that Google has begun to roll-out its new Chat messaging service. It’s designed to replace SMS text messages on Android phones and offers features similar to WhatsApp.

Here at our web design company Manchester we’re keen to tell you about these changes. We’re passionate about new technological developments and this is one that’s likely to alter you mobile phone usage in the near future.

Chat is now appearing on phones, after having years in development.

What Does Chat Offer?

Here are some of the main features of Chat. It allows you to…
– send group messages
– send videos
– see when someone is typing a replying
– have an acknowledgement of when someone has seen your message

At Blue Whale Media, the website design Manchester agency, we’ve noticed that press reports say that Chat will be integrated on Android phones with the default messages app.

So far, so good. But there’s one potential drawback, because it does not offer encrypted messages.

Google Says Goodbye To Allo!

At our web design company Manchester we feel it’s important to put the launch of Chat into the context of recent changes. Notably, Google announced in April that it was “pausing” the development of Allo, which was its mobile messaging app, launched in 2016.

Chat, however, is not just another messaging app. It aims to be a new messaging standard, which will work within the Android operating system. The new technology will give mobile operators, phone manufacturers and app developers the chance to create new messaging apps.

Its technical name is Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services (RCS), but to the public it will be simply known as Chat.

And it’s clearly required a lot of effort from Google to make it happen. The tech giant has worked with more than 50 mobile networks to create Chat. Some of the big names include networks, such as Vodafone and T-Mobile, and the manufacturers Samsung and LG.

What Happens Next?

At our website design Manchester agency we feel that Chat will be similar to Apple’s iMessage system. So if you’ll be able to send Chat messages to compatible Android phones, but if you’re sending it through to a non-compatible phone the message will come through as a normal text.

So, in this respect, Chat is not just another Google app. It sends messages via the internet, so a customer’s SMS allowance doesn’t get used up. But there is a chance that a mobile operator may decide to charge a separate fee for the use of Chat.

How it relates to other big companies also remains unclear. Microsoft, for instance, has not confirmed whether Chat will be available on Windows 10, and it’s not likely to be seen on iPhones.

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