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Brochure design.

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a beautifully printed brochure. We can create a printed piece for you that stands out in a world of all things digital.

Brochure Design for Business

Why you need a brochure?

Trust us; your customers get their fill of digital marketing; now is the time to give them something tactile and real.

When you think about it, emails get deleted as quickly as they arrive, and truthfully we can’t click away from web ads quickly enough! At Blue Whale Media, we can professionally design a brochure that instantly gives your customers a reflection of your business and what you do.

A brochure is a clean, crisp and physical object that is specifically tailored for your business; they also offer the same sensation as a magazine; it’s a document that feels like a gift.

How we achieve the perfect brochure?

Your brochure needs to say something to a particular market, whether it’s to inform, sell, or sign-up, we can help you to accomplish a task. Our design team can create a brochure that provides a longer duration of exposure for your brand or company to help customers will be informed and be able to recall your brand easily.

We will look into what will work for you and your company; then, we will design you a great brochure in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign as well as supplying and sourcing photography and content.

Type of brochure.

Professional and eye-catching brochure designs add credibility and authenticity to a brand, as well as being a tool to market your business. Our design team can cater for a simple eight-page plus brochure of non-standard sizes and formats that give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in today’s modern world. We can provide a complete end to end service that can be informative and persuasive; our team can pair emotive imagery with words to engage readers and generate results.

Bespoke Brochure Design