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Business card design.

At Blue Whale Media, we know how to help you grow your business and design a business card representing you and your company. By investing in a bespoke and quality business card, you can show that your company is professional, especially if it features a branded design. At Blue Whale Media, we care about creating impressive designs and we work with your brand to find the best ways to boost your potential. A study said 72% of people form opinions about a company based on the quality of their business card.

Business Card Design

Business cards that stand out.

A business card is quite often the first piece of marketing material to make your company more approachable. You can instantly share your contact details with potential clients and customers as well as your website, social media and other company details. When you meet someone who could be a future customer or client, a great business card does a lot more than pass on an email address or phone number. Our creative design team at Blue Whale Media will convey your brand quickly and professionally. We invest time in getting to know you, so we understand your business and website requirements.

First Impressions do count.

If you partake in business-growing or networking events, you need a business card that stands out from your competitors. At Blue Whale Media, we can tailor your business card with your brand image and message. Think of your business card as a mini sales leaflet; a business card contains your contact details, as well as critical skills and areas of your business. Whether it’s enhancing brand identity or creating a bespoke business card, our design team can help you find the perfect solution.

Business card design

Why should you have a business card?

Handing people a business card at a marketing event or meeting is a professional way of introducing your company. A custom-designed business card can make a long-lasting and positive impression as well as the starting point for a fruitful company or customer relationship. A business card can play an effective role in the growth and success of your business. It can also give you a way to continue the conversation with people that show interest in your company.

An effective, well-designed business card can communicate your brand’s message, personality and values. The Blue Whale Media design team ensures that what you desire is not only completed, but we suggest other options that you may not have thought about. Let us do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

Business Card Design