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Guernsey Prison Tests Technology Used by Eclipse Drones

Web Design Chester’s long term client Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation uses a technology recently featured during on an episode of ITV news.

In the war against contraband in prisons, drone detection and mitigation are hot topics. The rise of smuggling in prisons is said to be a direct effect from the increased popularity of drone technology.

Drones are an unmanned and remotely operated air vehicle that has its origins in military tech. After becoming available to the general population, those with the wrong intentions have found ways to misuse the technology for their own personal gain.

Drones are being used to deliver illegal contraband such as drugs and mobiles into the prison system by flying over the walls of institutes and dead dropping illegal items to prisoners.

What is Skyfence?

 Skyfence is at the front of drone defence technology. In terms of drone mitigation, Skyfence stops drones in their tracks, upon entering the force field emitted by the technology, they are brought to an immediate standstill.

Once stopped, the drone is raised to thirty metres above the ground and made to return to the operator of the vehicle.  This may make criminals think twice before trying to smuggle contraband into prisons again.

Guernsey Prison Testing Skyfence

Guernsey Prison is located upon the island of Guernsey. It is currently the first prison within the British Isles to enlist the help of Skyfence defence systems. The team at Guernsey recognised the potential Skyfence presented in the fight against prison smuggling.

They have already begun testing the technology at their facility in a bid to change the way they battle smuggling.

The testing at the facility so far has been so successful the staff there believe they no longer need to invest in a secondary physical fence. If this is the case, the prison stands to save over £1.3 million.

Skyfence Set to Lead the Way in Drone Mitigation  

Guernsey Prison is Skyfence’s first real test as a technology system. If Skyfence succeeds at Guernsey, the rest of the British Isles will be sure to follow in similar footsteps after all, what kind of organisation could afford to turn down savings of £1.3million? We know Web design Chester wouldn’t!

Who Will Be Bringing Skyfence to the Masses?

Eclipse Drone detection and mitigation are leading the way in using Skyfence. They have been protecting both the public and private sectors. They protect those vulnerable to exploitation through drone technology whether it be the smuggling of contraband into prisons, the stealing of corporate secrets or remote hacking of computer systems, they are the ones who can protect you.

The use of our state of the art anti drone force fields- Skyfence can eliminate all threats posed by these UAV’s. If you are not certain whether your business or industry is vulnerable, get in touch with Eclipse Drone Detection and Mitigation and they can give you help and advice specific to your situation.

Work with Us for a Safer Future

Web Design Chester know that when it comes to drone detection and mitigation, there is only one name worth knowing- Eclipse Drone. 

Drones are a new and sophisticated technology and Drone detection and mitigation are disciplines best left to those who truly know. Eclipse are the number one name in both of these fields, get in touch with then today to begin your fight against drone criminality.

Web Design Chester suggest you head over top Eclipse’s website straight away to find out if they can help you.

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