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Harry – Easter Q&A

Harry – Easter Q&A

Question 1 – How will you be spending Easter Sunday?

In Southport 

Question 2 – Hot Cross Buns – Yay or Nay?


Question 3 – What Easter Egg have you seen this year and are dying to try?


Question 4 – What chocolate company produces the best Easter eggs?


Question 5 – What type of filling do you prefer in your chocolate?


Question 6 – Have you ever been on an Easter egg hunt? If yes, tell us about it…


Question 7 – How many Easter eggs will you be buying this year?

None (maybe)

Question 8 – Creme Eggs – Yay or Nay?

Nay (too sickly sweet)

Question 9 – Bunny or chick?


Question 10 – Worst Easter Egg you’ve seen this year?

Bluesticks Blue Cheese (What the hell?…)

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