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Harry – Projects And Job Q&A

Harry – Projects And Job Q&A

Question 1 – Favourite Part Of A Project?


Question 2 – Worst Part Of A Project?

Missing information

Question 3 – What Inspired You To Get Into Your Area?

Career change

Question 4 – How Do You Continue To Develop Your Expertise?

Practice and research

Question 5 – What Is Your Area Of Expertise?

Layout, motion graphics, 3D

Question 6 – What Support Do You Get To Develop?

As much as required

Question 7 – What’s Your Aim When Starting A Project?

Achieving my best

Question 8 – What Kind Of Environment Is Blue Whale Media?

Friendly, comfortable & enjoyable

Question 9 – If You Could Change One Thing About Blue Whale Media, What Would It Be?

Hack Alexa to play Led Zeppelin only!

Question 10 – Which Is Your Favourite Blue Whale Media Dog?

George (Tough choice by the way – I love all these little buggers)

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