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Harry – Summer Q&A

Harry – Summer Q&A

Question 1 – What is your favourite ice cream/ice lolly?


Question 2 – What is your favourite thing about the summer?

Long warm days

Question 3 – Beach or swimming pool?


Question 4 – What is your favourite summertime song?

Don’t have one

Question 5 – Are you going on holiday this summer – if not what will you be spending you summer doing?

A couple of days camping in The Lake District 

Question 6 – What are your favourite clothes to wear in the summer?

Denim shorts and t-shirt 

Question 7 – What is your dream summer holiday?

Florence or Rome 

Question 8 – What is your favourite summer drink?

Small bottles of French Beer

Question 9 – Do you like Pina Coladas?


Question 10 – Sunglasses or hats?


Question 11 – Favourite BBQ Food?


Question 12 – Where is the hottest place you have ever been?


Question 13 – Can you swim?


Question 14 – Do you love or hate sunbathing?

Love it!…

Question 15 – Flip flops or sliders?

Flip flops

Question 16 – What is your best summertime memory?

Brolly, sun loungers, Campari, hot sand, warm mediterranean ocean, with Donna in Livorno, Italy (near Florence)

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