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Holli – Back To School Q&A

Holli – Back To School Q&A

Question 1 – Where did you go to high school?

Great Sankey High School

Question 2 – What was your favourite subject?


Question 3 – What was your least favourite subject?


Question 4 – What foreign languages did you learn?


Question 5 – What was your role on sports day?

Long distance/high jump

Question 6 – What was your favourite school dinner?

BBQ chicken baguette 

Question 7 – What was your favourite school trip?

Coniston in year 7

Question 8 – Who was your favourite teacher and why?

Miss Pickwell, she was the best and loved a gossip 

Question 9 – What was your part in any of the school plays?

Absolutely nothing

Question 10 – What did you and your friends do on your lunch break?

Hang out in our form room

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