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Holli – Job Q&A

Holli – Job Q&A

Question 1 – What Did You Want To Be When You Were Little?

A Vet

Question 2 – What Qualifications Did You Do To Help You Enter Into Your Career?

Photography & textiles helped my creativity 

Question 3 – What Do You Do In Your Day To Day Schedule?

Write statuses, schedule client blogs, run Pinterest

Question 4 – What Tools/Software Do You Use In Your Typical Day?

Microsoft Word, Excel & Google

Question 5 – Why Did You Decide To Work For Blue Whale Media?

It’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Question 6 – How Does Your Office Differ From Other Offices?

Welcoming atmosphere of the people and dogs

Question 7 – What Person Do You Most Look Up To?

My mum – she worked hard for what and where she has got today

Question 8 – Do You Like Working Individually Or As Part Of A Team?

Part of a team

Question 9 – Where Do You See Blue Whale Media Going In The Next 5-10 Years?

Being the leading web design company in the north west/one of in the UK

Question 10 – Describe Your Job In One Word


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