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Holli – Valentine’s Day Q&A

Holli – Valentine’s Day Q&A

Question 1 – How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day this year?

Watching a romantic film eating 24 donuts!

Question 2 – What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

Surprise spa day

Question 3 – What is the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

Took me to Italy

Question 4 – Which traditional gift would you rather receive on Valentine’s Day – chocolates or flowers?


Question 5 – What is your favourite romantic movie?

Me Before You

Question 6 – Describe your perfect Valentine’s Day date

Chocolates, flowers, wine and dine

Question 7 – Have you ever received a Valentine’s Day card or gift from a secret admirer?

Not that I know of

Question 8 – What is your favourite love song?

So Sick – Ne-Yo

Question 9 – Who’s your celebrity crush?

Sam Claflin

Question 10 – What would be the perfect first dance song at your wedding?

John Legend – All Of Me

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