What Should Your Homepage Say to Your Visitors?

Your homepage is usually the first place your visitors land on. This is where they learn about who you are, what you do, how you do it, where, when and for who. Your homepage must introduce your business clearly and grab your visitors’ attention in less than 5 seconds. As a trusted website design Manchester agency, we know what works and what does not. Here are some important questions your website must answer.

What Can the Business Do for Me?

The first question that pops in the visitors’ mind is, “what is this business all about?” The answer needs to be bang, clear and short. Your visitors must clearly know what you offer and what your USP is!

  • Craft a short statement that highlights your USP. Make it stand out – use a contrasting colour or use larger font size.
  • Support your statement of proposition with attention grabbing imagery
  • Use an uncluttered, clean layout that draws attention to the primary message

Is this Product or Service for Me?

Your visitors want to make sure the products/services you offer are suitable for them. They’re asking, “who is this website aimed at?” Here are some tips to answer this question without writing a wall of text.

  • Aim at your target audience by making things clear on the homepage
  • Focus on communicating how your visitors can benefit rather than highlighting the features
  • Use imagery to your advantage

How does this Product or Service Work?

By now your visitor know what you offer and knows that your offering suits them. They now want to know how things work.

  • Have a ‘How it Works’ video on the homepage or better yet a dedicated ‘How it Works’ page
  • Highlight essential facts in a bullet list
  • Have a small section of brief Q&As
  • Craft a simple and short message that highlights the most important facts and links it to the ‘How it Works’ page
Can I Trust this Business?

Your visitors are looking for signs that you are a company worth their trust. When they see proof that others have rated your service highly, they intuitively trust you. Think of ways your homepage can show that you are a trustworthy, efficient, honest and a legitimate business.

  • Include short quotes from customers
  • Display photographs of happy customers
  • Display a few short testimonials with photographs of the customers
  • Offer a free download (white paper, ebook, how to guide, etc)
What Next?

Once your visitors are convinced that they can trust you, they want to know what steps they need to take to taking things forward. A clear and precise call to action is important in this regard. You can:

  • Ask them to submit your contact form to request a quote
  • Get them to call your helpline, call centre or office
  • Provide easy to follow steps
  • Include “Buy Now” button to convert them from your website
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