How Conversion Rate Optimization Helps to Boost Sales

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What is Conversion?

In the industry, “conversion” is when potential customers find your site on their browser, and then do what you want them to do. Conversions can be either big (macro), or small (micro). Macro-conversions occur when people actually subscribe to your service, buy a product from your site, or request a quote. Meanwhile, micro-conversions include creating accounts and email list signups.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Stated simply, conversion rate optimisation is the use of science to get more people who visit your site to convert. It is a way of identifying and removing the reasons preventing people from converting. It can involve coming up with, and testing, different ideas to find which techniques make the conversion rate go up. As an SEO company Warrington, we can work with you to optimise your conversions.

How Does it Help to Boost Sales?

  • Helps you know your customers. CRO can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and how best to reach them.
  • Increased returns. When most of the people who visit your site actually buy or subscribe to your products or services, you will have a high return on your investment, without needing to shell out more funds to attract more visitors.
  • Scale-up ability. Good CRO can help your business grow while maintaining resources and customers. Because it converts mere “browsers” into actual buyers, you increase your business without the risk of running out of potential buyers.
  • Improved experience. Since you are paying attention to their needs, users’ experience on your site will improve. They will tend to stay longer, and may even promote your brand on their own initiative.
  • Trustworthiness. Think of your site as your front-liner and salesperson with whom your potential clients transact. Users need to be able to trust the site for them to be willing to share their email, personal information, and credit card information. So your site needs to be just like a salesperson you would want to buy from: courteous, professional, and able to answer questions.
How to Go About It

One of the first things you need to do is to clarify what problems drive people to visit your site, and what you, as a company, want them to do when they get there. You can either convey this information to us, as your chosen SEO company Warrington, and then let us do the task of reviewing your site, or you can do this yourself.

There are two basic methods of optimization– by using analytics, or through people. Analytics uses numbers to determine the behavior of the people on your site, such as which page they arrive at, where they come from, demographics, and what features they like, so you know what to focus on. Meanwhile, the people method uses surveys and tests to ask people about their motivations and experience.

Final words

Conversion rate optimisation is a powerful tool to get the most benefits out of your website. If you would like to know more about it, contact us now. We are an SEO company Warrington and can help you maximise your website and grow your company.

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