Various Cyber Monday marketing ideas which will ensure high sale numbers.

Online shopping has continually become popular over the past few years, especially after a significantly large number of the world’s population gained access to smartphones and electronic money transfer services. According to Web Design Liverpool, Cyber Monday has become one of those days which has recorded the highest number of online shopping transactions, with reports confirming over 2 billion worth of sales in 2017. This day is therefore very important for businesses that do online sales to take advantage of the rush and generate as much revenue as they can for their brand. This year (2019) Cyber Monday will be on the 2nd of December however there is no fixed date for it every year.

Ways in which businesses should be ready for Cyber Monday.

Your website may not be getting as much traffic as you would like it to however you should make sure that it can handle such traffic in the event you get a lot of online visitors. Other tools to consider when preparing for Cyber Monday include;

  • Mobile-friendly website- most online visitors access the internet via the use of smartphones. Optimizing your website for mobile phones will, therefore, increase the range of individuals who can access your online store and consequently a large potential clientele who can be converted to make purchases.
  • Site speed- no one likes a slow website. It can be very annoying to wait for up to 10 seconds for a page to open and Web Design Liverpool disclosed that over half of individuals leave the site if it’s slow. You should, therefore, ensure the speeds are ok to avoid losing potential customers to your competitors.
  • Uptime- your website is the store, if it is down or closed you will not make any sales. Considering it can be difficult to always know if it is working you should employ the use of services to monitor and report its downtime to you for appropriate actions.

Marketing ideas for Cyber Monday.

 Even though on this sale are naturally high over the internet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will sell no matter what. Your brand needs to stand out from your competitors to increase your chances of success and can do this by;

Make an exclusive one-day offer- it might surprise you on the number of people that will show up for your one-day deal. Everyone loves saving something extra while still getting the best value for the money spent. Such a move is likely to capture your target audience’s attention which may be exploited to make sales.

Introduce new products on Cyber Monday- considering the huge attention on the various websites. This may be the best day for the launch to capitalize on the traffic of your website which may be leads to be converted.

Place hidden treasures on the various pages of your website-  with the necessary online store’s infrastructure in place. You can hide codes for coupons or other processes on the various pages within your business website. Web Design Liverpool believes this will increase traffic on the website with individuals trying to get the price presenting an opportunity for their conversion.

Make preparations for handling abandoned carts-  considering the rush and flurry of online shopping that day, it will be highly likely to get many abandoned carts in the process. You should have retargeting campaigns in place to follow up why such carts were abandoned.

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