How Google Nest Is Changing How We Live

Google has grown so fast, and in its growth, it has brought forth many revolutions in technological inventions such the driverless car, the intelligent robot, android etc. Google did not stop there. With the existence of the Nest Labs that produces home automation utilities such as sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, security cameras, and smoke detectors amongst many other, integration of Google services has been possible through their various application frameworks. These frameworks developed by web design company Manchester also do connect to Google APIs that facilitate all the communications to the prime destinations through an internet connection. This process allows for remote control of your home security system while away from home, say at work or vacation. You can control your house from a smartphone app or the web browser through a personal site. Visit web design company Manchester to create one if you do not have any.

Fingerprint Scanner

The significant implementations of the Google Nest include a fingerprint scanner for door locks, security camera, Thermostat Smoke detectors and in-house Google assistant robots. We will explore each of these robots to find out how they work and their significance in our day to day lives. Let us begin with the Fingerprint scanner door locks. Fingerprints have been used as login credentials into commercial sites by web design company Manchester to serve many companies. The base of these implementations is the fact that prints are unique to every person. Implementing such a system to a locking system is brilliant, and this will make the door look smarter while improving privacy by controlling access to your house.

Security Camera

The security camera is the other feature of the Google Nest project. Unlike other security cameras that are only accessible via a local computer, these security cameras can broadcast through the Wi-Fi network and wherever you are you will be on watch of your house. You will know of every person that comes to your home provided that you are logged in and have access to your smart camera. These systems minimise cases of theft by scaring away thieves who fear to expose their identities. These systems are capable of alerting the owners at any time, be it day or night.

Smoke Detectors

Web design company Manchester suggests that fire is another factor to consider when ensuring the safety of your house. A single fault may cause the whole house to be razed out, and through the use of smoke detectors and thermostats, then early warnings are sent to the owner so that they may check what has become faulty. These smart smoke detectors can detect even the slightest of smoke particles and alert the owner of the house. The Thermostat detects a change in temperature that may be caused by heat from sun or interior. This system serves as both fire hazard warning and air conditioning system to help keep the house cool all the time.

Google Assistant

Google assistant in-door systems are vital for day-to-day activities such as reminders, sending automated emails hosted by web design company Manchester, storytelling to kids before going to bed etc. These daily assistants remind us of the minor things we may forget due to our busy life such as Kid’s birthdays, school events, tasks to be completed and many more. With all these systems combined, then all our needs will be taken care of since there will be systems to keep us safe from hazards and some to remind us our daily chores, and altogether they complement our lives.