How Podcasts Can Benefit Your Business

A podcast is an audio show that is usually spread over a few series or episodes, these can be downloaded on to a computer or onto any music playing devices ie phones, mps etc. Podcasts are usually filmed by camera or just microphone which are live streamed or uploaded to a computer or social media platform for viewers to stream.

Types of Podcasts

A podcast can be done alone, in pairs or in a group ie 3 or 4 people.
There are different style of podcasts which people can do it’s just about finding the right one to suit you. A narrative podcast is mostly done by a journalist who are getting in-depth/ insightful information on a true story of a situation.

A hybrid podcast is one that tends to have a set host but has other guest hosts or speakers who contribute within the show it usually features a panel discussion or an interview.

How to film a podcast

Before filming a podcast planning what you are going to speak about is always the first thing, if you are doing this solo decide a topic and write down sections you are going to talk about and have a read through so you feel comfortable when presenting. If you are doing a podcast with two or more people it is also wise to plan and write down the topics and a brief overview of what can be spoken about and then assign different sections to different people so everyone has something to talk about.

If you are filming your podcast make sure the camera is fully charged to prevent this from cutting out whilst you are half-way through filming, making sure the camera is clear and everyone in the podcast are in clear of shot.

If you are only using a microphone to record your podcast make sure that everyone is speaking clearly into the microphone and that there is no interference around that can cause disruption to the recording.

Where to publish a podcast

Podcasts can be published on any social media platform if you have a good following on Facebook this is a good place to publish as people will get notifications and be drawn in to watch or listen to it. Podcasts can also be published on music platforms such as apple/Itunes, Google podcasts is a good one as this will allow your show to be searchable and playable by google search, Spotify have recently allowed more podcasts to be uploaded to their platform and with the many growing subscribers this will allow your podcast to be heard.

How podcasts can help

Podcasts can widen and engage with your audience, podcasts can help build familiarity with widen audiences and if listeners enjoy what they are listening to they will subscribe and keep listening. If people enjoy your podcasts they will recommend you to friends and family which will build your audience views. Hosting regular podcasts could help with developing your confidence with public speaking which can help in the long run if you need to hold public speeches.

What Blue Whale Media do for you

Blue Whale Media hold weekly podcasts on our Facebook page with different members of staff that work in different areas of the business which means that there will be different topics and tips to cover. Watching Blue Whale Media’s podcasts could give you an insight of what needs to be done to promote podcasts. It could also help you with any tips regarding a certain area of business that you do or would like to get into.