How readability affects SEO

Readability is primarily the ease with which written text can be read and understood by various audiences. It is not considered by itself to be an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking factor. However, SEO Warrington is confident that its indirect benefits are advantageous in making the piece of writing easily visible in the search results. At the moment, search engines go through this written information online in similar ways like how people read them. Bloggers are therefore tasked with the responsibility of coming up with quality and informative content that can be easily read and understood as opposed to the reliance of several placed keywords through the entire text for good SEO ranking. The various ways through which SEO is influenced by the text’s readability include:

According to SEO Warrington, SEO ranking depends on how online visitors behave when they visit a particular website. Research has proven that bounce rates, exit rates, etc. decline if the written content is easily readable and highly informative. This combination of qualities in a blog will make the users spend more time on the website to read through the available content there, which has an effect on the SEO standing of the site.

It is highly unlikely for people to share with friends and family information that they cannot understand themselves. Readability improves the probability of your content being shared if it provides the required high-quality content to your target audience. Easily shareable links to your articles have an effect on improving the SEO rankings of the blog. Therefore, writers should be keen to ensure their content can be easily understood to improve share-ability.

Blog readability is essential to make your article easily visible to voice search commands. Voice searches are becoming very popular by the day and considering the search engines vocalise these results; they are ranked in a voice-like fashion. Content that can be easily understood is preferred since the search engines would not want to read out texts with difficult wording that would be hard for the online visitor to comprehend.

How to improve readability of your blog

There are various ways through which bloggers can adopt to improve their text readability to enjoy its associated benefits. Some of these simple techniques include the incorporation of features such as;

People reading articles online are on the hunt for information; it is, therefore, necessary to use simple words coupled with short sentences and straight to the point as possible. Complex wordings can be intimidating for some readers and hard to comprehend, resulting in higher exit rates from your blog.

The inclusion of images in your blogs. SEO Warrington found out that images are very crucial when it comes to the breaking of monotony, which only text can present. Carefully selected images which have relevance to the blog have been seen to make the article interesting, and studies show they as well increase the probability of the article being shared.

The blogger should be keen to write in such a way as if having a conversation with the target audience. This will influence the tone of the article, making it easy to read and understand. The typography should as well be considered with the correct font, font size, etc. utilised to be easy on the eyes when reading.

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