How Social Media Trends Can Boost Your Business

Social media trends can change almost daily. This can make it hard to keep up with what makes an effective Social Media Marketing Plan, especially if Social Media isn’t on the top of your priority list (although it definitely should be).

It can be hard for smaller businesses to create a buzz and traction within the Social Media world, especially coming to terms with all the tools and different tactics you have to use to create an effective strategy.

With that being said, here are four trends that can help boost your business on Social Media.

Videos are incredibly effective

Videos on Social Media have become the pinnacle of interest when it comes to your feed.

They engage the user long enough to become interested in your cause or business, which therefore can lead to more research from said user into your business/brand.

The trick to videos is a hard concept, although when done correctly can have amazing results! For example, keeping the video shorter will mean that the audience won’t get bored quickly and will stay watching your video till the end.

Whilst written content can sometimes get lost within the mess of someone’s feed, videos are more likely to grab someone’s attention as it takes little to no effort to watch a video compared to reading a post.

Ephemeral Content

‘Ephemeral what?!’ I hear you cry. Don’t worry, lets break it down.
Ephemeral Content refers to content that is only available for a short amount of time.

That’s right, we’re talking about the likes of Snapchat and Instagram.

The creation of Snapchat changed the Social Media world forever and every social media platform has since been trying to recreate that same success with similar features on their own websites. With Instagram close behind with their ‘Insta-stories’ feature, it’s given users (and businesses) the ability to create content for the millennial, short attention spanned audience.

Small businesses can take serious advantage of this popular platform, as it shows a more ‘relatable’ side to your business. When it comes to Ephemeral Content, users will be more likely to take action quicker than normal, due to not wanting to miss out on said content.

Live Streaming

Live streaming features on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have been a thing for a while now, but businesses have only just started taking advantage of this feature.
It is now a powerful and engaging tactic for a smaller business, due to showing a more ‘human’ side to their brand.

Creating buzz around a product or your business through live video gives you the advantage of communicating with your audience in real time and hearing what they really have to say about your brand! Which can obviously be extremely beneficial, especially if you have just recently started a new business or a new product as it can create excitement around said product.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t exactly a brand-new concept, but it is in the terms of who you class as an ‘influencer’.
We all know that leading brands use celebrity endorsements to help sell their products, but with the new-found age of Social Media brings a new type of Influencer.

By partnering up with Social Media Influencers, you can reach their audience with your brand and expand your own following in return. By getting the influencer to either share your content on their own Social Media Platforms or even to write and share a review about the product you’re trying to sell!

Social Media doesn’t have to be this big scary concept. Once you really have the hang of what works for your brand and business, using these four trends can really help to boost your business.

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