How The 34-Foot Onyx LED TV Puts Out a Look that will change Movie Theatres

Do I even have to ask you whether you have heard of Samsung? This question, of course, is a silly one to ask someone these days because this is a big brand that is famous in every corner of the world with their major releases. Their warranties are great, and this is why you will find it in every online shop. You can start a lovely online shop with web design Manchester. The company is here again with another game-changing release that marks an end of an era. Samsung is yet to release the gigantic 34-foot Onyx Led TV, that will see the end of the projector era and mark the beginning of crystal clear movies in most theatres across the world. This event comes as a shock to current projector giants such as Dolby that have ruled the theatres with their laser projectors in the past. The Samsung onyx led TV is rich in features which makes its competitors inferior by all means. 

Shall we proceed to the details of this mega screen that will shape the future of the cinema industry?  First, we will talk about the resolution of this screen because it is what every person wants to know before they can acquire a screen. According to web design Manchester good screen resolution means that you will have a better experience watching compared to having a low-resolution display that shows pixels instead of a smooth picture. The onyx Led TV screen comes with the highest available resolution of 4K, which is 3480 x 2160 pixels, representing the length and width respectively. With this resolution, the screen becomes the best in its class because it is twice as clear as the best projectors that offered their best at just half the 4K resolution, 2K resolution. Combined with web design Manchester.  a good sound system, then this screen will change movie theatres forever.


The next important feature that is vital for a movie theatre is the 3d view. 3D views provide virtual reality to the viewers which makes the watching experience more exciting and involving. Through this experience, web design Manchester sees that people enjoy the movie, and this is what movie theatres are all about! 2D views are also available for this massive screen and are suitable for those people who do not like virtual reality and will like to watch the movie as is. Viewing angles of this TV are great, and no angle distortions can be seen regardless of the position you are watching from, be it top, left, right or bottom. This problem is overcome through the use of led to illuminate each pixel unlike in traditional Led screens where there is illumination at the whole back of the screen   


The sound system of this device is not the common ones we knew before where the speakers are placed behind the screen for audio anchored to the image. Instead, it will use a 3D surround system and speakers mounted on top of the screen. This large screen is made up of several panels joined together to form the large screen, each operating independently. The large screen and 3D digital surround systems provide the best experience in theatres and create a good watching environment for the cinema lovers. There may be a challenge in introducing these screens to most theatres due to the initial capital, but when the time comes, then together with web design Manchester we shall all witness the revolution brought by this giant screen.