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How To Build A Powerful Online Brand

Do you want to improve your website? Or maybe create a new one? Either way, you need to fully understand the importance of branding. But what does “branding” mean exactly? And how can your online presence create, enhance or complement your brand?

This blog from Blue Whale Media will answer those essential questions. We’re a web design Warrington based agency, and we’re experts in creating powerful online brands.

What Is A Brand?

Marketing experts will tell you that a brand is a “promise to consumers”. Branding consists of the messages that you communicate about your product, your service and your values.

But perhaps, most importantly, your customers must believe in your brand and feel that you are delivering on your pledges. So, in many ways, branding is about the emotional feelings you create when someone buys from you.  

Taste The Feeling

Interestingly, Coca-Cola used the phrase “Taste The Feeling” in an ad campaign, and before that it used “Open Happiness”. These are known as taglines, and they strive for emotional connections with consumers.

So when you drink Coke, you’re making a choice influenced by look (it’s a classic design), taste (you’ve grown up with it) and lifestyle ideas (helped by advertising).

Coca-Cola’s website complements their advertising, but it also explains the company’s ethics. In other words, it’s integral to their brand. Some of the site’s headers are labelled “reducing sugar”, “community” and “sustainability”. Naturally, these are important issues, and it’s reassuring to know that the multinational is trying to tackle them.

Your own website should have similar ambitions. It should reflect your ideals, as well as explain your product or service.

Our Warrington website design agency offers a full range of design and content writing services. Whether you need us to create a new site, or enhance an existing one, we can clearly communicate your marketing messages. 

What’s In A Name?

But if you’re just starting out in business, your biggest branding decision is choosing your company name. This will be influenced by your market and target demographic. But of course, the skill comes in selecting a name people will instantly remember.

It’s also helpful to have an eye-catching logo and a tagline. The latter, as we mentioned earlier, is a few words under your business name that neatly sums up your philosophy, product or service. The website for ASOS, for instance, has the tagline “your fashion and style destination”.

Know Your Customer

On the subject of ASOS, it’s an ecommerce business that has grown massively since it launched in 2000. Its revenue was £1.9 billion in 2017. So it clearly understands its customers, who are mostly young adults. And a main header at the top of its website says, “Students get 20% off – Limited time only.” 

When you’re building your own brand, you need to know your audience, and know why you’re valuable to them. And knowing your customers means really knowing them. Big companies compile comprehensive demographic information about their consumers, including habits relating to social media and online purchases.

Here at Blue Whale Media, the Warrington web design agency, we can help you create an amazing and memorable brand that speaks directly to your customer.

Email us at: hello@bluewhalemedia.co.uk or call on: 01925 552 050

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